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Green Paw Pet Treats

Free Range Chicken Liver

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Green Paw treats are crafted with care, using only Free-Range chicken sourced exclusively from a local, small, family-run farm right here in Greenwood, Nova Scotia

Chicken Liver is a low-calorie superfood packed with Vitamins and Minerals. The benefits of chicken liver for pets include:
  • Maintaining weight
  • Improving blood, organ, bone, and joint health
  • Improving eye, coat, bone, and joint health
  • Providing amino acids and high-quality proteins
  • Being a good source of zinc, copper, iron, and Vitamin B-complex
  • Improving coat and skin condition
  • Supporting eye health


We're thrilled to offer you a wholesome treat option that your furry friends will absolutely love. 🥩🍃 

What makes Green Paw truly special? Each package is made from a single ingredient, ensuring pure goodness with no preservatives, fillers, growth hormones, or antibiotics. It's 100% natural protein that your pets will love.

During the dehydration process, 70% of the product is reduced, resulting in highly concentrated pieces. This means smaller portions go a long way as there are no fillers!

Treat your furry companions to the finest with Green Paw Pet Treats, Your pets will thank you with wagging tails and endless affection!🐾 


" Green Paws are Happy Paws "





The drawback of chicken liver is high amounts of vitamin A, which can cause the condition of hypervitaminosis A or vitamin A poisoning.

In this condition, an over-accumulation of vitamin A can lead to a variety of serious health issues affecting their bones and mobility.

Some symptoms of vitamin A toxicosis include the following:

  • Immobility of joints, especially in the neck
  • Excessive bone development
  • Weakness
  • Weight loss.

 Give your pet an appropriate amount of treats appropriate to the size and digestive status of your pet.

100% Single Ingredient

🥩🍃 Green Paw treats are crafted with care, sourced exclusively from local, small, family-run farms right here in the Maritimes.🚜

Care Instructions

Minimize exposure to direct sunlight and keep in a cool and dry location with the bag sealed

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